The Library - An Archive of the Dark Knights

         This is the library of The Dark Knights. Within this section you will find the history of the guild, screenshots, achievements, and much more. This is our archive, and inside we proudly display our accomplishments as a guild and the accomplishments of our players (both new and old).

Guild History, A Brief Overview

         The Dark Knights is currently the oldest guild on Shadowsong, founded on November 23, 2004. When it was started at launch we had no idea that it would become the oldest, longest-lasting guild on the server, all we really knew is that we wanted to have fun. In two years, we have evolved to a guild that enjoys end game content without the "I am #2-442A member X raiding guild" feel that its seems so many other guilds suffer from. We are still the same fun, relaxed people that we always were, and we are proud that we can enjoy the end game content without the raiding guild feel. The most important characteristic of the Dark Knights is that we are friends. It has always been and will always be our number one goal as a guild. Raiding is nice, but friends are far greater than any imaginary purple pixels that appear on our screen.